Title Spectral Responses to Water Stress of Corn
Authors Gökhan ÇAMOĞLU, Şerafettin AŞIK, Levent GENÇ
Abstract In this study, spectral response to water stress of sweet corn grown in the Canakkale region was measured before and after irrigation during the growing period. Spectral indices which are normalized differential vegetation index (NDVI), water band index (WBI), simple ratio (SR), structureindependent pigment index (SIPI), pigment specific simple ratio (PSSR), modified chlorophyll absorption ratio index (MCARI), Zarco and Miller (ZM) were calculated by using leaf reflectance measurements. The ability of discrimination of water stress of the spectral indices were investigated. The indices calculated from visible and near-infrared region had different values to water stress. While increasing stress level, SIPI and MCARI values increased and the others decreased. In general, all of the spectral indices did not distinguish the exactly levels of stress which are close to each other. However, the values of the spectral indices were distinctly different, with increasing of stress level. As a result, this study has shown that water stress could be observed, using remote sensing techniques in the field studies.
Keywords Spectral indices, corn, water stress, irrigation
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 37-43
Year 2010
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