Title Velocity Distribution Modeling in River And ADV Measurements
Authors Mehmet ARDIÇLIOĞLU, Serkan ÖZDIN, Ercan GEMICI
Abstract This paper examines velocity profiles with three different method in turbulent open channel flows. Field measurements of flow velocities are conducted using Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV). Velocity measurements at the SBG station were carried out during five site visits. For the measured verticals, velocity profiles are predicted using the logarithmic velocity distribution, power law and entropy equation, and results are compared with measurements. The Nikuradse’s equivalent sand roughness coefficients (ks) and shear velocities (u*) are determined by using measured velocity distributions. The thickness of the inner region of the boundary layer was found to be varying in the range 20-50% ≤ z/δ ≤ 40- 100% under the measured flow conditions. The flow velocities predicted with the logarithmic distribution equation were in good agreement with the measured flow velocities in the inner region. The power law constants were determined as a=4.0 and m=1/5 under the measured flow conditions. Entropy parameter found as M=3.07. The velocity distribution obtained using entropy equation were in good agreement with the measured flow velocities for all flow conditions and verticals
Keywords Open channel, logarithmic, power, entropy distributions, ADV
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 53-58
Year 2010
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