Title Evaluation of Water Resources Management in Turkey
Authors Turhan AKÜZÜM, Belgin ÇAKMAK, Zeki GÖKALP
Abstract Turkey is located in Middle-East region with limited water resources. While Turkey was a water-rich country before the year 2000, it is now classified among the countries with water problems. Improper water management practices, implemented water policies, increasing population and consequent water demands and global climate changes are among the most significant reasons of water problems. Significant steps were taken in Turkey about the sustainable water resources management within the frame of EU compliance works. Adaptation of Water Framework Directive (WFD) to country conditions is the most significant step taken. Current legislations should be reviewed and legal regulations should be performed to comply with WFD. When the authorities and responsibilities of institutions in water management issues of Turkey are taken into consideration, some have similarities and some have ambiguities. Lack of coordination and corporation among these institutions, lack of resources, an effective monitoring and evaluation system and a database are among the most significant problems. Several laws and regulations about water resources should be reviewed in Turkey. A ‘Water Law’, able to provide a basin-scale integrated water resources management and planning, to overcome the problems and complying with new technologies, meeting demands and national interests, should be issued. In this study, water resources management in Turkey and problems were discussed along with EU compliance process and recommendations were provided.
Keywords Water resources, water management, Water Framework Directive, sustainable water utilization, European Union
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 67-74
Year 2010
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