Title Importance of Management Planning in Water Basins
Authors Ebru YILMAZ, Abdullah YILMAZ, Dilan ARSLAN
Abstract Water is an indispensable natural resource for all alives. Despite big percentage of earth covered by water, only %3 of this percentage can be used as available-fresh water [1]. Knowledge of an organism can not be enough to understand the life in water well, on the other hand; needed to know about an outside-factor which effects to organism directly and indirectly, or envoiremental factors as well. Each Creature needs a suitable enviroment to survive. Because the life; connects with regular and unceasing variation of fundamentals and energy between enviroment and organism [2]. Streams, lakes and seas creates surface waters of the planet. Despite augmentation of human population, remaining stable water resources are required to save and use carrefully. We can block pollution and consumption of water resources with conscious water consumption via basic methods. However, water are polluted by industrial and domestic contaminants in our %75 surrounded seas country. Leaving unrefined contaminants to water basins, leaving disordered inert wastes to receiving environment, and also unconsciously using of pesticides and manuring cause pollution of surface water resources [3]. So, taking measures and restrictions are necessary to protect resources. This study search aims requirement of preparing management plan in water basins and to tell preserving of current ecosystem relationships about importance of flora and fauna variation.
Keywords Water Basins, Management Planning
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 75-78
Year 2010
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