Title The Effects of Various Drying Conditions on The Drying Time and Quality of “Amasya” Apple Cultivar
Authors Sefa TARHAN, Gazanfer ERGÜNEŞ, Mehmet GÜNEŞ, Alper MUTLU
Abstract New products obtained by processing apple, one of the fruits extensively produced in Turkey, will strength countrywide agriculture and industry. Even though drying is a commonly-used and old processing method of agricultural materials, the problems and their solutions associated with apple drying are unclear. ‘Amasya’ apple cultivar was sliced/cored to ~5 mm thick rings and dipped in one of three chemical solutions for one minute. Three different drying methods selected in this study were natural drying under open atmosphere, hot air drying at 65 °C in an laboratory oven and microwave drying. Natural drying and microwave drying were found not to be appropriate for apple drying because of lengthy drying time (72 hours) and darkening, respectively. Hot air drying (65 °C) of apples rings dipped in 2% citric acid solution is recommended for commercial apple drying since it retains original color and shortens drying time (5 hours).
Keywords Amasya, dried apple, drying technologies, drying kinetics
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 001-006
Year 2009
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