Title Pomological Characteristics of Local Apple Cultivars are Grown in Ünye Province (Ordu/Turkey)
Authors S. Zeki BOSTAN, Şenol ACAR
Abstract This study was conducted on 12 local apples cultivars in Ünye and its surroundings (Ordu/Turkey). Fruit samples harvested in 2005 and 2006 years were investigated as pomological characteristics. Local apple cultivars investigated are ‘Mayıs-1’, ‘Mayıs-2’, ‘Ağustos-1’, ‘Ağustos-2’, ‘Kava-1’, ‘Ak’, ‘İri Ak’, ‘Karpuz’, ‘Kava-2’, ‘Kavak’, ‘Köpük’, and ‘Şeker’. Fruit weights of apple cultivars were between 59.79 g (Kava-1) and 273,41 g (Karpuz). While the varieties were between 43.85 mm (Kava-1) and 74.61 mm (Karpuz) in point of fruit length, they were between 53.40 mm (Kava-1) and 86.60 mm (Karpuz) in point of fruit diameter. While minimum soluble solids content was 9.50 % (Kava-1), maximum soluble solids content was 13.50 % (Ağustos-1 and Ak). While the varieties were between 0,150 % (Köpük) and 1.188 % (Mayıs-1) in point of titrable acidity, they were between 3.09 (Mayıs-2) and 4.17 (Köpük) in point of pH.
Keywords Apple, Pomology, Local Cultivar
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 015-024
Year 2009
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