Title Native Apple Selections from Van Region 1: Non-Alternate Bearing Genotypes
Authors Tuncay KAYA, Fikri BALTA
Abstract This work was performed to identify morphological and pomological traits of native apple germplasm resources grown in central Van, Edremit and Gevaş districts for three years (2005-2007). Within native apple population, 137 genotypes were investigated for breeding objectives. With respect to alternate bearing, 11 promising apple genotypes (VANEL-012, VANEL-041, VANEL-042, VANEL-062, VANEL-063, VANEL-067, VANEL-068, VANEL-069, VANEL-071, VANEL-129, and VANEL-134) that bear every year were selected. Promising genotypes had a range of 92.18–310.99 g for fruit weight, 65.85–94.99 mm for fruit diameter, 10.20–15.77% for soluble solids and 15.06–29.90 lb for fruit firmness. Their harvest times were from 22 August to 10 October.The numbers of days from full flowering to harvest time were between 102 and 150.
Keywords Apple, alternate bearing, Van, Selection.
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 025-030
Year 2009
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