Title Phenological and pomological characteristics of local apple (Malus communis L.) varieties in Central Ordu
Authors Tarık YARILGAÇ, Turan KARADENİZ, Hasan Basri GÜREL
Abstract In the study carried out in 2007-2008, the phenological and pomological characteristics of 15 local apple varieties are identified. These apples are grown from seed in Ordu and its districts and consumed by local people for many years. The flowering dates and harvest times of the local apple varieties were observed. In terms of pomological features, many fruit quality criteria were determined. According to the research results, the full flowering time of the local varieties is between 23 April and 10 May, the flowering end is between 28 April and 16 May and the harvest is between 25 September and 17 October. The average fruit weight was recorded as 136.25 g and 278.70 g, fruit diameter ranged from 62.97 mm to 91.87 mm, fruit length ranged from 53.17 mm to 81.77 mm, the amount of water-soluble dry matter was between 8.75% and 13.85%, and titretable acid rate was determined between 0.699% and 0.929%.
Keywords Apple, Malus communis L., Phenological, Pomological, Ordu
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 037-041
Year 2009
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