Title A Research on Stomata Morphology of Some Apple Cultivars Grafted on Different Rootstocks
Authors Cevriye MERT, Erdoğan BARUT, Tuğba UYSAL
Abstract The objective of this study was to determine effects of rootstocks over the leaf stomata densities and sizes of some apple cultivars. The apple cultivars ‘Vista Bella’, ‘Mondial Gala’, ‘Fuji’ and ‘Granny Smith’ grafted on M9, MM106 and MM111 rootstocks were used as plant material. The samples taken from the lower surface of the leaves were examined under the light microscope. The stomata in apple cultivars were observed in the lower surface of the leaves as hypostomatic leaves, and the effects of rootstocks over the stoma densities and sizes were found significant in some cultivars. The highest stomata density was found in the cultivars grafted on M9 rootstock, followed by MM106 and MM111 rootstocks. Stomata sizes decreased while the stomata intensity increased. Furthermore it was determined that there were differences among the cultivars in relation to their stomata intensities and sizes.
Keywords Apple, M9, MM106, MM111, stomata
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 061-064
Year 2009
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