Title The Effect on Yield and Quality Traits of Granny Smith Apple Trees Grafted on to M9 Rootstock of Different Irrigation Programs
Authors Şerife ÇAY, Ali Fuat TARI, Nazmi DİNÇ, Salih BİTGİ, Aynur ÖZBAHÇE, Çetin PALTA, Oktay OKUR
Abstract This study was carried out to investigate the irrigation scheduling of apple trees grafted on to M9 rootstock using the pan evaporation method by drip irrigation system at Konya Plain conditions for 1999–2007.A split plots experimental design arranged with randomized complete block with three replications was employed. Treatments are; irrigation intervals (main plots) D1= 3 days, D2 =6 days and pan coefficients (submain plots) K1= Kcp x 1.00, K2= Kcp x 0.80, K3= Kcp x 0.60, K4= Kcp x 0.40.The trial began by establishing a new orchard and the treatments were applied in the second year. There was no effect on yield until 2003. Treatment K4=0.40 was suggested for young apple trees until their fruitful period. According to the obtained apple yield, the treatments showed major effects on both irrigation interval and water amount (D2 and K1) for the yield of apple. The total amount of irrigation water of suggested treatment (D2K1) was between 200mm and 252mm; and the total amount of seasonal water use of D2K1 was between 294 mm and 394mm.The values relating to the yield for 2003, 2005 and 2007 according to the suggested treatment were 13, 90 (kg/tree), 37, 56 (kg/tree) and 30.76 (kg/tree) respectively. According to the year obtained apple yield, values relating to quality characteristics were measured. Quality class I and fruit apple number showed optimum values in treatment of irrigation water amount Kcp= 1, 00. Resoluble dry matter showed maximum value in treatment of irrigation water amount Kcp= 0, 40. The characteristics of firmness, fruit pH, malic acid were not affected by the treatments.
Keywords M9, Granny Smith apple, drip irrigation, irrigation scheduling, evapotranspiration
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 073-079
Year 2009
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