Title Some fruit and tree characteritics of native apples grown in Erciş and Muradiye districts
Authors Ahmet KAZANKAYA, Yalçın YONAR, Serpil BAŞER, Adnan DOĞAN, Ferit ÇELİK, Adnan YAVİÇ
Abstract This study was carried out to describe phenological, morphological and pomological traits of local apples grown in Erciş and Muradiye districts located in Lake Van Basin. Within native apple population of the districts, many local apple genotypes named Pamuk, Ekşi, Arapkızı, Kızıl, Van and Sarıkız which were grown from seed were determined. Their various characteristics such as fruit weight, fruit volume, fruit diameter, fruit dimensions, fruit ground color, fruit flesh color, soluble solids, fruit firmness, tree age, tree yield, tree high, tree width, tree growth habit, bud break, flowering, harvest time and the number of days from full flowering to harvest time were recorded.
Keywords Ercis, Muradiye, Apple, fruit characteristics
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 089-094
Year 2009
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