Title Soil Fertility Status Of Apple Orchards in Antalya Region
Authors Cevdet F. ÖZKAN, Ahmet E. ARPACIOĞLU, Nuri ARI, E. Işıl DEMİRTAŞ, Filiz Ö. ASRİ
Abstract This experiment was carried out to determine nutritional problems and soil fertility status of apple orchard in Antalya Region. For this objective, pH, CaCO3, EC, organic matter, texture, available P, K, Ca and Mg of 203 soil samples were detected. The results of the soil analysis were compared with sufficiency range recommended for soils. Soil samples were mostly low in organic matter and highly calcareous. There was no salinity problem. The textures were generally loam, silty loam, clay loam and clay. The pH of the soil samples was slightly alkaline and alkaline. Available P, K, Ca level were medium and high, available Mg was also generally high level.
Keywords Antalya region, apple, soil fertility
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 095-099
Year 2009
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