Title The Effect of Pro-Ca (Prohexadione-Calcium) Application on the Growth and Some Fruit Characteristics of Mondial Gala/M.9 Trees
Authors Semih ÇAĞLAR, Zeynep AĞCA
Abstract In this study the effects of Prohexadione-Calcium (Pro-Ca)- an gibberelic acid inhibitor- applications on the vegetative growth and pomological characteristics of young vigorous Mondial Gala apple on M 9 Rootstock were investigated. The trees were planted at a spacing of 0.90 x 3.5 m under trellis system. The trees were sprayed with single application of 62.5-125-250-500 ppm Pro- Ca when new shoots were about 5 cm in length or double application of 31.2-62.5-125-250 Pro- Ca at two weeks interval. Pro-Ca applications surpressed vegetative growth of the trees, reducing the shoot and internode lengths, and improved fruit size of the apples. Considering all the criteria investigated, double spray of 125 or 250 ppm Pro- Ca was considered to be suitable application.
Keywords Prohexadione-calcium; vegetative growth; Regalis
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 101-106
Year 2009
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