Title Population Density of Pear Lace Bug (Stephanitis pyri (F.), Heteroptera: Tingidae) at Different Apple Cultivars in Çanakkale Province
Authors Ali Kürşat ŞAHİN, Ali ÖZPINAR, Burak POLAT, Mustafa SAKALDAŞ
Abstract Pear lace bug (Stephanitis pyri (F.), Heteroptera: Tingidae), which is harmful by sucking juice of leaves in pome fruits, causes economic losses in high populations. Population development of Pear lace bug was investigated on 12 different apple cultivars in the collection orchard in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Agricultural Faculty, Dardanos Research Field in 2008. Ten leafs were collected once a week from 6 randomly chosen trees of the cultivars of Jonagold, Red Star, Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Mondial Gala, Jersey Mac, Vista Bella, Imperial Gala, Fuji, Breaburn, Summer Red and Red Chief. Collected leafs were taken to laboratory and adults and nymphs of pear lace bug were counted under stereo binocular microscope and recorded. By the results of statistical analysis, it is revealed that population density of pear lace bug is not affected by apple cultivars. Throughout the study there were 3 peak points in population development of the pest for Royal Gala, Imperial Gala and Mondial Gala varieties and 2 peaks for other varieties. Population development of the pest has continued to the end of September for all cultivars.
Keywords Çanakkale Apple cultivars, Stephanitis pyri, Population Density
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 119-122
Year 2009
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