Title Vegetative and Generative Characteristics in Granny Smith Apple Variety Budded/Grafted on M 26 and MM 106 Rootstocks
Authors Yakup ÖZKAN, Kenan YILDIZ
Abstract This study was carried out with 10 years old Granny Smith trees grafted on M 26 and MM 106 clonal apple rootstocks at Tokat Fruit Plant Production Station in 2004. In the study, some vegetative and generative characteristics such as tree height, crown width, crown depth, trunk width, height and width values in shoots, vegetative shoot number, total generative shoot(spur) number, trunk cros-sectional area (mm2), yield per trunk cros-sectional area(the yield efficiency; kg/cm2), total soluble solid (%), titretable acids, fruit firmness(kg), fruit number, average fruit weight, the yield of per tree (kg). The parameters determined in the scope of experiments were as follow: tree height 312 cm, trunk width 9.03 cm, shoot height 15.26 cm, shoot width 3.10 cm, vegetative shoot number 25 (number/tree), total generative shoot(spur) number 434 (number/tree), yield 22.17 (kg/tree), fruit number 146 (number/tree), yield efficiency 0.346 kg/cm2 , fruit firmness 9.30 kg, total soluble solid 12 % in trees budded on M 26. Also, It was found as tree height 406 cm, trunk width 11.82 cm, shoot height 37.20 cm, shoot width 4.97 cm, vegetative shoot number 63 (number/tree), total generative shoot(spur) number 345 (number/tree), yield 47.91 (kg/tree), fruit number 276 (number/tree), yield efficiency 0.436 kg/cm2 , fruit firmness 8.79 kg, total soluble solid 11 % in trees budded on MM 106.
Keywords Granny Smith, dwarfed rootstocks, vegetative characteristics, generative shoot number, yield
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 133-135
Year 2009
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