Title Tree and Fruit Characteristics in Amasya Misketi, Topaz and Cooper 42 Varieties Budded/Grafted on M 27 Practiced Super Spindle Training
Authors Yakup ÖZKAN, Emine KÜÇÜKER, Selen ÖZDİL, Kamil ENGİN, Bayram MEHDER, Bilge ALPASLAN
Abstract This study was carried out in Horticultural Department of Agricultural Faculty of Gaziosmanpasa University in 2007-2009. Amasya Misketi, Topaz and Cooper 42 cultivars budded/grafted M 27 apple rootstock planted planted 2.0x0.5 m spaces in February 2007. Some vegetative and generative characteristics such as vegetative shoot number, total generative shoot(spur) number, rootstock thickness-diameter(mm), trunk thickness-diameter(mm), trunk cros-sectional area (mm2), yield per trunk cros-sectional area(the yield efficiency; kg/cm2), total soluble solid (%), titretable acids, fruit firmness(kg), average fruit weight, the yield of per tree (kg), fruit colour values. In the first year (2008) of experiment, the results of some plant characteristics were in the range among cultivars as follow; trunk cros-sectional area (mm2); between 219 mm2 (Cooper 42) and 170 mm2 (Topaz), vegetative shoot number; between 11.22 (Topaz) and 9.80 (Cooper 42); total generative shoot(spur) number; between 22.40 (Cooper 42) and 17.48 (Amasya Misketi). The fruit characteristics of these two cultivars were determined as follow; the yield of per tree (g); 1218 g in Amasya Misketi variety, 986 g in Topaz variety, 2167 g in Cooper 42, average fruit weight(g); 174 g in Amasya Misketi and Cooper 42 varieties, 148 g in Topaz variety, fruit firmness(kg); 7.43 kg in Amasya Misketi variety, 8.47 kg in Topaz, 5.83 kg in Cooper 42, total soluble solid (%); 9.43 % in Amasya Misketi, 10.07 % in Topaz and 5.67 % in Cooper 42. While top and floor colour, red according to a value Amasya Misketi and Topaz apples, It was command green colour in Cooper 42 variety. The floor colour of Topaz variety fruits was found three times red than Amasya Misketi.
Keywords Super spindle, apple varieties, yield, the yield efficiency, fruit colour values
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 145-151
Year 2009
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