Title Effect of Some Apple Clone Rootstocks on Crown Development and Yield Potential of Some Apple Cultivars Under the Samsun Province Conditions in Turkey
Authors Nejdet KAPLAN, İdris MACİT
Abstract This study was conducted in the orchard established in the Çınarlık Experiment station at the Black-Sea Agricultural Research Institute in the year 2000 to determine the effect of some apple clone rootstocks on crown development and yield potential of apple cultivars under the Samsun province conditions in Turkey. There were total 28 combinations consisted of 4 apple clone rootstocks (M9, M26, MM106, MM111) and 8 apple cultivars (Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Skyline Supreme, Cooper 7SB2, Starkrimson, Starkspur Golden, Jerseymac and Breuburn) in the experiment. Three different plant spacings (4x2, 4x3 and 4x5 m) were used in accordance with the clone rootstocks in the combinations. Yield values (kg/tree and kg/decare) of the rootstock/cultivar combinations were recorded between the years 2002-2006. Trunk intersection areas (cm2) and crown volumes (m3) of each combinations were measured in the year 2006 and cumulative yields per each intersection area (g/cm2) and crown volume (kg/m3) were also calculated. The statistical differences were calculated according to statistical analyses applied on the obtained data. The effect of some apple clone rootstocks on the crown development and yield potential of some apple cultivars was determined as a result of this research. So required knowledge was obtained for the producers regarding the selection of clone rootstock for modern fruit growing instead of conventional techniques, determination of the plant spacings and formation of the combinations.
Keywords Apple, clone rootstocks, cumulative yield, high density, plant growth
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 159-166
Year 2009
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