Title Factors Affecting Apple Production in Turkey: Time Series Approach of Error Correction Model
Authors Güneş EREN, Abdulbaki BİLGİÇ, Bahri KARLI
Abstract Approximately half of the fruit production areas is allocated to apple production as an indication to revealing clearly the importance of the apple production in Turkey. There are remarkably limited number of studies concerning the short and long term apple supply response along with their classical methods applied. In this study we applied Error Correction Model to identify factors affecting the areas planted. Results are consistent with economic theory that an increase in apple prices significantly increases areas planted in both short and long-run priods. Cointegration was conformed between the number of planted trees and a linear combination of independent variables indicating both variables move together.
Keywords Apple Supply, Error Correction Model, Time Series, Turkey
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 167-173
Year 2009
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