Title Seasonal Changes Nutrition Elements in Plant Leaf and Water in Jersey Mac Apple Cultivar Grafted to MM 106 During The Year
Authors Kadir UÇGUN, Hüseyin AKGÜL, Zekeriya AY, Mesut ALTINDAL
Abstract It is essential to know for fertilization nutrition demand of different parts of plants and at which period this nutritions is necessery [8]. Nutrition elements contents of plants show always variation during vegetation at fruit orchards. It may be made wrongs at leaf sampling when it wasn’t done at suitable time. Time that nutrition content of plant leaves show the most variation is 4-6 weeks period at middle of vegetation season. This period came up to leaf maturity time and this time shows variance up to climate between regions. Limit values that will use at evulation show nutrition element content of leaves that occur between this time [7]. Studies in fruits that falling their leaves show that seasonal variations that occur mineral content of plants are important with regard to determination of nutrition deficiency, postharvest storage and determination of fertilization time [11]. This study was conducted with Jersey Mac that grafted on MM106 rootstock at Eğirdir Horticultural Research Institute Eğirdir-Isparta in 2007. It was started from full blossom, leaf and also branch samples were collected with 14 days internals and nutrition elements were analysed and investiged their variations as time. During the season, it was determined N and P content of leaves that they were always reduce, K was not chanced as meaningful. When plant water content results were evaluated, N and P showed same variation like leaves. While N and P were showing decrease as leaf falling, they showed increase as end of blossom. K showed stable change at plant water content, also K reached to the highest value in June that photosynthesis occur at maximum level, after it showed decrease regularly as harvest date. K contect in plant water remained as stabil as other blossom time.
Keywords apple, nutrient element, seasonal change
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 179-186
Year 2009
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