Title Effect of Mycorrhiza Applications to Plant Development in MM 106 Apple Clon
Authors Kadir UÇGUN, Adem ATASAY, Hüseyin AKGÜL, Zekeriya AY, Cenk KÜÇÜKYUMUK, Hakkı KOÇAL1 Salih BaKICI1 Suat KAYMAK, Şerif ÖZONGUN, Seçkin GARGIN, Çağdaş AKPINAR
Abstract This study carrid out at Eğirdir Horticultural Researh Institute between 2006-2007 and suitable mycorhizae and suitable medium for this mycorhizae were tried to determine in MM 106 rootstocks. At this study that carried out at field condition, Rootstocks that propageted via stoolbed method were planted 4 different media (soil, soil+farm manure, Soil+farm manure+ 1. phosphorus level, Soil+farm manure+2.phosphorus level) and 5 different mycorrhizae (Glomus culusterforme, Glomus deserticola, Glomus caledonium, Glomus mossea, Glomus intraradices) were applied to this medias. Plant height, plant diameter, wet root weight, dried root weight, mycorrhiza infection percent were measured end of the season and P and Zn analysed middle of the season (on July) every year. At result of study, disparity was not find as significant on account of measument and analysis except plant lenght, plant height, plant diameter and infection percent in first year as statisticaly. It is known that mycorrhizaes are effective at poorly soils. It is thought that disparity was not find as significant on account of measurement and analysis except shoot lenght is derived from study carried out at normal soil conditions.
Keywords MM106, Mycorrhiza, plant development
Journal TABAD - Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 187-192
Year 2009
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