Title Endemic Product Utilization of Hotel Restaurants’ Menus in Erzurum: The Case of Palandöken
Authors Burak MİL, Erkan DENK
Abstract Customs and traditions, ethnology, celebrations, natural and historical assets and local cuisine are cultural attractions that are aspects from past to present. Local foods that become tradition and situated in culture and preferred by the local community more than other types of food. Such as geographical position, mode of production, historical development, economic and cultural relations, beliefs and ethnic origin play an important role with their formation. In addition, gastronomy tourism came forward among other types of tourism on a global scale. Utilization of local products in worldwide known hotel chains enhance regional popularity and make them a center of attraction. In this study, by using in-depth interview, utilization of local cuisine products investigated and findings are evaluated, classified and reported.
Keywords Local cuisine, Menu, Palandöken, Erzurum
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 001-007
Year 2015
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