Title Evaluation Of Perspectives Of Visitors Visiting Highlands For Highland Tourism And Recreation: Case Of Kulakkaya Highland
Authors İbrahim SEZER, Murat KILIÇ
Abstract In the past highland areas were often used for farming and agricultural activities whereas in recent years such areas started to become quite attractive place for tourism and recreation activities. Highland areas with natural and social charm attract attention of visitors. In this context, especially in recent years Eastern Black Sea highlands welcome both domestic and foreign tourists. Giresun city located within the boundaries of our investigation field has 3 highlands which attract attention in terms of tourist attractions and many highlands areas suitable for development of highland tourism. One of them is Kulakkaya highland connected to Yavuzkemal Borough of Dereli district. In 1991, the highland was declared tourism center by resolution of Council of ministers and promises a touristic asset to be improved with its interesting nature, rich habitat, natural water and air and its attractions unique to Black Sea highland culture unique (local dishes, traditional dwellings, crafts, local music, games, etc.) With such a rich resource potential Kulakkaya highland welcomes every year a large number of domestic and foreign tourists and excursionists. In this context, we aim to measure perspectives of visitors about Kulakkaya highland and tourism and recreation activities performed in highland in our study. As a result of our face to face questionnaire where we have asked a variety of questions to 120 people visiting the area it is concluded that: satisfaction level of visitors is high, they found future of highland promising, they enjoyed quality of service and food. However, visitors noted that there is no public toilet in village, they visit through daily excursions, they visited with their own cars and they preferred due to its natural beauty. Therefore it is observed that views of visitors of Kulakkaya highland is quite positive. It is understood that when sufficient touristic infrastructure is supplied, promotion and access opportunities are provided and tourism activities are performed observing protection and consumption equilibrium the highland promises good touristic future and it has a touristic value.
Keywords Kulakkaya, Visitors, Higland, Perspective
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 008-016
Year 2015
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