Title ARDSI Supports in the Rural Tourism Area: Example of Kahramanmaras
Authors Ömer Süha USLU, Ali Rahmi KAYA
Abstract Strong economy and the way of growth go through rural development. Rural development brings with social and cultural development. Be in the process of EU membership Turkey set up Agricultural and Rural Development Support Institution (ARDSI) in 2007. ARDSI is relevant institution under Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. 3,7 billion TL investment realized and 33.000 people employed by supports ARDSI from 2011 to now. Kahramanmaras city has many important tourism potential. The city couldn’t find any chance to evaluate its potential. When it comes to tourism, as well the name of Kahramanmaras does not come to mind of investor or tourist. However, there are many popular historical or natural touristic recreational activities areas in Kahramanmaras. In the subject of rural tourism, from the beginning to today over 30 million TL contract was signed with 28 investors in Kahramanmaras by ARDSI. Kahramanmaras succeeded to be a model city to its country in the rural development area. In this study after giving general data related to ARDSI and the potential rural tourism for Kahramanmaras, rural tourism applications in the Kahramanmaras city will be investigated.
Keywords ARDSI, Kahramanmaras, Rural Development, Rural Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 017-024
Year 2015
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