Title Applicability of Permaculture and Development in the Context of Agro-tourism: Belentepe Permaculture Farm Case
Authors Selma TATAR, Nermin OLAY
Abstract Sustainable tourism has become a popular concept with the new demands of customers in 21st century. Nowadays, it is observable that Tourists have become more interested in special interest tourism types by moving away from mass tourism as a result of becoming more educated and informed. Thereby, it is figured out that the demand for agro-tourism which has the potential to establish sustainable tourism is to increase. Agro-tourism concept, which compounds the agriculture and tourism concepts, becomes more and more significant as a result of destruction of arable lands due to unplanned tourism activities. Permaculture, a new unique ethical concept in our country, which is considered as an approach that aims to create ecological lands on agricultural lands to be self-sufficient, ability to meet the needs of environment in a healthy and economical way, the creation of sustainable living spaces, protecting and enhancing the environment. Within the scope of this study, permaculture and agro-tourism concepts were investigated. Interviews with the supervisor of Belentepe Permaculture Farm in Osmangazi/Bursa which uses permaculture applications were made. In this study, one of the qualitative research methods, face-to-face interview method was implemented.
Keywords Agro-tourism, Permaculture, Permanent Agriculture Farm
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 029-034
Year 2015
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