Title Agro-tourism Samples and Promotion Models For Agro-tourism: Suggestions About Turkey
Authors Makbule Civelek ORUÇ, Taner DALGIN, Hüseyin ÇEKEN
Abstract Many of the Countries that have touristic attractions, effort to make diversification of products and develop alternative tourism types to increase competitive capacity of their tourism sector. One of the most important alternative tourism types is agro-tourism that implemented according to principles of sustainability. Agro-tourism may implement in areas that was engaged in agriculture with sustainability principles. Governments encourage agro-tourism because of the fact that agro-tourism damage environment less than mass tourism and agro-tourism make a great contribution to economic development of rural areas. First of all, we give some samples about agro-tourism practices both in turkey and worldwide in this study. Then, we discourse about promotion of agro-tourism facilities in Turkey in consideration of some samples in worldwide and we suggest some proposal about it. When we look promotion samples in worldwide, many developed country effort to promote their agro-tourism facilities and they use one common web site for promote different agro-tourism facilities and their web sites together. Also, it is necessary to develop one web site for promotion of agro-tourism facilities in Turkey. There is wide range diversity of activities about agro-tourism in Turkey. One of them is promotion of organic products. The city bazaars about organic products contribute local people economically. Also, organic products that produce in agro-tourism destinations and their specifications may be promoted in one part of common web site that used for agro-tourism.
Keywords Agro-tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Marketing
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 040-045
Year 2015
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