Title The Effect Of Rural Tourism On Rural Development: The Case Of Şirince
Authors Utku ONGUN, Bekir GÖVDERE
Abstract In this study, firstly it is aimed to determine supply resources that the region has in terms of rural tourism. Secondly it is tried to determine available demand in tourism. Another objective is to ofter rural tourism as an alternative for improvemet of that region. Lastly it is targeted to protect rural andt raditional life styles and to have knowledge about how migration is affected on rural tourism. Conducting there search, semi-structured interview method which is one of the qualitative research methods has been utilized. The samples in there search are determined among the population via random simplying method. 30 interviews have been carried out with loca linhabitants, businesses, hotels and pensions serving accommodation. According to the data, Şirince has stayed unaffected and untouched till today because of being a protected area and not being permitted to be settled. It is observed that rural tourism has positive effects on improvement of that region. It is required that investments should be made by means of public institutions in order to have lasting positive affects without giving any harm to the natural position of that region.
Keywords Şirince, Rural Tourism, Regional Development, Qualitative Research
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 046-055
Year 2015
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