Title Eco-Tourism and Hydroelectric Power Potential of the Eastern Black Sea, Evaluation and SWOT Analysis of the Environment and Local Community Impact
Authors Selma ATABEY, Arzu GÜRDOĞAN
Abstract Due to the growth of population and tecnology advencement consumption increases. Consumptions increases the food stock need and food stock materials are satisfied from environment. This results as the consumption of the sources and the pollution of the environment. Production increase trigger energy requirement day by day. As in all countries energy is indispensable in Turkey too. Energy production in Turkey is not enough and needs energy import. Use of fosil fuels in energy production resuts as pollution of environment. This pollution renewable energy need increases and water power conversition preferred more and more. The production of energy provided from thermal and hydroelectric plants in Turkey. And it’s planned to organize new hydroelectric plants on the rivers. This is harmfull to fauna and flora and public organized activism against these new plants. Also it seems that these plans are in opposition to the 2023 Turkey Tourism Strategy. Preferation between hydroelectric plants and eco-tourısm bring new questions on mind. This study tries to find out new ecological methods which is not harmful to ecology and suitable to sustainable development strategy. Another subject of this study is which is necessary energy production or service business in Turkey. To clarify the question SWOT analysis has done.
Keywords Hydroelectric power plant in North-East Black Sea, Eco-tourism, SWOT analysis, River type hydropower plant, Renewable energy
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 056-063
Year 2015
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