Title Sivas Hot Springs in Terms of Thermal Tourism
Authors Mücahit PAKSOY, Abdullah AKKURT
Abstract Turkey located on an important geothermal region with rich natural resources and hot springs. In Turkey nearly there are 300 geothermal areas and 1000 springs with different temperature and flow rate. Within this context, Turkey gets the 4th place in the world in terms of healing geothermal water and springs. Hence, use of thermal tourism sweep with the purpose of therapy and rehabilitation as a part of health tourism. Besides thermal tourism is an important representative area of alternative tourism. In the near future, 100.000 beds are targeted for thermal tourism, 1,5 million tourists are expected which come from other countries. With thermal tourism important contribution can be provided to regional development, employment and economy. In this research socio-economic and demographic characteristics of visitors which came to Sivas hot springs was determined and visiting frequency, accommodation types, satisfaction of spring and social facilities were investigated. With this purpose, face to face interview was practiced to 140 visitors which comes Sivas hot springs during winter season of 2015. According to results, it was determined that, great part of visitors came from neighbor cities. 54,3% visitors came with the purpose of holiday and 85% of were excursionist. 88,6% visitors were satisfied hot springs but 80% stated insufficiency of social activities. To develop Sivas hot springs, it was recommended that to develop plans and projects which are devoted to whole year, make efficient promotion and advertising, improve structure and service quality of establishments, increase social activities.
Keywords Thermal tourism, hot spring, Sivas
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 077-083
Year 2015
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