Title Sustainable Rural Tourism, For Using of Rural Areas Within The Framework of Sample of Kocaeli-Kandıra
Authors Tülay Polat ÜZÜMCÜ, Aysun ÇELİK, Serenad OTAR, Ayşegül HACIALİOĞLU
Abstract Rural areas, natural and cultural landscape values, sustainable development and to assess the understanding and preservation of sustainable tourism is important for use in tourism. Today this approach, local and rural development models are increasingly gaining in importance for the evaluation steps are being taken in accordance with this perspective. In this context, Kandıra district of Kocaeli has rural landscape values, historical and cultural values for instance yogurt and cloth of Kandıra etc. For sustainable tourism in the region is poised to become one of the most important areas. Kandıra district; with elements of rural areas and rural life offers the opportunity for many activities it has. In fact no one industrial city of Kocaeli industry adds value in terms of the rare natural rural areas, rural tourism potential. Kandıra has many rural structures, such as fertile farmland, carries the potential for rural tourism and fishing potential and local crafts. Despite the brevity of the season only it operates facilities for nautical tourism. There are very few facilities to rural tourism all year ın where. In this regard, this study is determined potantial or pasibilities of Kandıra district of Kocaeli for rural tourism. Thus, this study aims to contribute to the sustainable development of rural tourism development and understanding of the local community tourism district. In the study, first scanning the related literature, rural areas and rural landscape values of Kandıra have to be specified. Later, the area of rural development and rural tourism development of rural tourism in the region on the grounds of possible effects will be explained. In addition, the town’s tourist appeal Kandıra centers and villages will be given information about the potential value of rural tourism. Research methods, Kandıra’s rural landscape values and knowledge of municipalities in rural tourism, district, tourism associations, academics, tourism organizations, Kandıra’s district of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate officials to the interviews of the key data collection tools in qualitative research will be implemented. The result of using the data obtained from the interview content analysis, data were organized according to codes and themes will be reviewed explaining the data obtained. As a result of the study, exposing the rural landscape value of Kandıra district, bringing proposals to use for sustainable rural tourism of these values and establish cooperation with organizations and institutions related to the region is aimed at the creation of rural tourism destination. Thus, the deterioration of the tissue region in the area of sustainable tourism be made both rural landscape and will provide economic benefits to local people will be able to increase revenues by increasing tourism tourist attractiveness of the region.
Keywords Kandıra, Rural Areas, Sustainable Rural Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 092-102
Year 2015
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