Title The Festivals in Local Development: Munzur Culture and Nature Festival
Authors Gizem ÖZGÜREL, Ruhan ALAN, Zekeriya BİNGÖL
Abstract Festivals are important factors for areas which have not reached the desired level of development to introduce their natural and cultural values. Festivals are geographically integrated events which have been traditionalized by celebrating on special days and important dates. Festivals which are celebrated in areas play many important roles like promoting the area, increasing the number of tourists, developing social, cultural and economic level, providing social peace, strengthening image of region etc. “Munzur Culture and Nature Festival” which have been held in Tunceli since 2000 is the widest ranging festival in Tunceli. In this study, it is aimed to frame the importance of tourism on implementing the local development. Thereby, tourism administrators’ views and suggestions on Tunceli’s tourism development and contributions of tourism events in Tunceli such as “Munzur Culture and Nature Festival” are determined. Administrators of seventeen food and beverage establishments (Four hotels certificated by Ministry of Tourism, three hotels certificated by municipality, ten food and beverage establishments) have been interviewed by using semi-structured interview technique to collect necessary data.
Keywords Festival, Development, Local Development, Munzur Culture and Nature Festival
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 113-121
Year 2015
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