Title Determination of Çermik’s Rural Tourism Potential
Authors Ayhan KARAKAŞ, Mehmet ALKIŞ
Abstract Tourism, which is in decline in most countries to complement traditional industries, business areas and isolated rural areas and rural socio-economic development of the authoring tool and is considered as an effective catalyst for innovation. This study was conducted to determine the potential for rural tourism of the town of Diyarbakir Cermik. In this context Cermik district of Diyarbakir has a significance for rural economical development. Aberna is the former name of the town. Cermik present name was taken from the world-famous spa. The population of city center is around 21,000. Mainly in the county, many historical monuments are available from Artuklu era. These are Haburman Bridge, gangsters (Benda) Abdullah Pasha Madrasah, Cermik Bath and Fountain Bandeler. Cermik have large in the vineyards to provide source of livelihood of the village.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Rural Development, Çermik
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 001-008
Year 2015
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