Title The Effects of Emotional Labor Perceptions of the Disabled Tourists on Customer Satisfaction
Authors Burhan KILIÇ, Merve BAŞ
Abstract Accessibility and economical limitations effect the commitment of the disabled tourists to tourism activities. The place of disabled tourists, defined as one of the disadvantaged groups of the community in tourism sector is not seen as a subject that is considered at length. Customers in this market and studies on the service they get from business is also a subject that is not considered at length as is the case with this disadvantaged group. This study deals with the effect of the emotional dimension on the level of customer satisfaction of the disabled tourists. Furthermore, this study also deals with whether or not the disabled tourist’s satisfaction differed in relation to demographic characteristics, frequency of vacation, and the reasons behind their coming to touristic establishments. In this study field survey has been used as the research model. The 315 disabled tourists who have been selected randomly make the sample of the study. For expressions which represent emotional labor and customer satisfaction dimensions five likert scale has been used. An increase in the satisfaction level due to the increase in the emotional effort has been confirmed as a result of the study. Another important result of the study, contrary to the literature, is that increase in the emotional dissonance heightens the level of customer satisfaction to a lesser extent than the emotional effort. The reason behind this finding is evaluated in the conclusion and evaluation section of this study in connection with the relationship between the dimensions of the emotional labor and the tourism market on which the research has been conducted. In accordance with the results and to facilitate an increase in the level of customer satisfaction in the disabled tourism market recommendations have been made on the basis of the emotional labor perceptions of the disabled tourists.
Keywords Emotional Labor, Emotional Effort, Emotional Dissonance, Customer Satisfaction, Disability, Disabled Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 015-024
Year 2015
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