Title Evaluation Of Roadside Businesses In Terms Of The Use Of Local Products In Rural Tourism: Osmaniye Rural Breakfast Stop In Marmaris
Abstract Booming competition, rapid advancement of technology , the level differentiation occurs in consumer expectations has led to differences in the tourism product. The impact of gastronomy is inevitable in the context of intention to move away from the complexity of urban life to rural life. In recent times, the changes in eating and drinking culture, the increasing interestand demand for local products , there quest of take part in rural life and there quest of reaching local products in its place made village breakfast stops popular. In this sense, Marmaris has a rich source of rural village breakfast stops.The aim of the study carried out is to examine the usability of local products with in the context of rural tourism. Appropriate for the purpose of the study, within the context of rural tourism the use of existing products in the Marmaris Osmaniye rural breakfast stops has examined. Osmaniye rural is preferred in terms of proximity to are that the data of this study were collected through case study method which is one of the qualitative research methods.
Keywords Breakfast Stops, Rural Tourism, Local Products, Marmaris
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 032-036
Year 2015
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