Title The Rural Tourism Potential of Çatalca Region: Local Community Outlook
Authors Burak MİL, Aslı ALBAYRAK, Mehmet Emre TOKER
Abstract Complexity of daily life, intensity of working conditions, curiosity on nature and natural sources and the crowdedness of big cities direct mankind to the some places where has cultural heritage and idyllic areas. At that stage, rural tourism as a concept, has become a current issue. While tourists make recreational trip to such destinations, on the other hand local residents provide economical, environmental and socio-cultural advantages from these occasions. However, providing this development, regions’ rural tourism potentials are inadequate, also outlook of local residents’ gain an important role on that manner. Consequently, this study conducted in Çatalca where has a great deal of potential about rural tourism supply sources. By using field study both potential of rural tourism in Çatalca has been evaluated and the ideas of local residents’ regarding touristic activity has stated. As a result of this study, despite Çatalca region has substantial rural tourism supply sources, it has been underestimated. Research findings indicate that members of local community effected with several dimensions in environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects.
Keywords Rural tourism, Local community, Çatalca, Istanbul
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 061-068
Year 2015
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