Title The Opinions of NGOs and Local Government about Rural Tourism and Its Issues in Fethiye
Authors Cemal ARTUN
Abstract Fethiye which is largely dependent on mass tourism and the frequently voiced by the actors in the sector, can’t go beyond rhetoric interest in rural tourism despite having the rural tourism potential. To reduce the dependence on mass tourism, extent tourism over a period of the year and diversify the tourism product and the tourist typology; the actors in the tourism sector of Fethiye try to benefit from rural tourism potential and dissemination of sustainable tourism approach. With this scope in mind, rural tourism one of the alternative tourism types is dwelled on in Fethiye. At the intersection of coming into prominence of participation of stakeholders with sustainable tourism, the studies of governance started discussed in tourism and addressing rural tourism with rural development emphasized a model of participatory, nongovernmental organizations (NGO) become a current issue. In this study, why the NGOs become important was examined and it was tried to contact the NGOs which are involved to the rural tourism in Fethiye. In the study, local government is involved by considering the participants’ interest in the subject of research rather than representative and the actor word is preferred because of all relevant stakeholders (eg. tourists) actors not involved. The purpose of this study is to reveal the ideas of NGOs related rural tourism and local government and the relationship between the actors related rural tourism. In this paper which is a qualitative study, the ideas related rural tourism in Fethiye of NGOs and local government are collected with a question form which is developed with semi-structured interview techniques. In the interviews it’s noticed that: they are confused between the participants about the rural tourism is an alternative or complementary of mass tourism, the absence of special project to develop the rural tourism, rural tourism don’t remain on the agenda about investments much as it’s expressed, the small number of enterprises in rural tourism and they couldn’t reach the desired level in rural tourism.
Keywords Fethiye, rural tourism, Nongovernmental organizations (NGO)
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 069-076
Year 2015
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