Title Role of Rural Tourism in Region Development: Sandıklı Region Rural Tourism Potential
Authors Zeliha Duygu ÖLMEZ, Göksel Kemal GİRGİN
Abstract Today, economic, competition among countries has increased in parallel with the political and technological developments and the opportunities provided by the tourism sector that showed positive results going forward. In addition, there have been changes in the international tourism movement of tourist’s novelty seeking major developed and developing countries, changes in routine and increased understanding countryside holidays. Turkey, living in four seasons at the same time, has numerous natural and historical treasures found in the region. As well as the development of our region in terms of rural tourism and sustainability. Our region’s rich historical, cultural depth of field, natural beauty, a true value because of the endemic tourism planning and investment will be an important center of attraction when done. One of our region which already hosts rural tourism infrastructure in this region properties are located in the province of Afyon called Sandıklı. Sandıklı Region’s geographical location, attractive climate species, the diversity of agricultural land, extensive forests and flora, species, natural history preserved today and historic structures, thermal tourism capacity and range due to have made a host to many civilizations has a rural tourism potential ready to be large. Rural tourism conducted a study to determine the potential of rural tourism in the region according to the opinions of people living in Sandıklı to demonstrate the economic benefits to the region and has been developed to provide advice in this regard.
Keywords Rural tourism, rural development, rural tourism potential, Sandıklı Region’s
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 077-084
Year 2015
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