Title The Role of Local Food and Beverage Culture in Rural Tourism in Balıkesir Region
Authors Düriye BOZOK, Kadirye KAHRAMAN
Abstract Stressful lives of today’s people away from city life to nature, the need to pursue that with the increase of rural tourism has gained importance. In rural tourism, regional food culture and variety of food products increases potential of tourist interest. The development of rural tourism in the region, operating in an increase in the variety of products offered, and the unearthing of traditional dishes has remained hidden and would contribute to the development of the local economy. Because tourists who prefer rural tourism prepared in conventional manner, takes care of the recognition, as well as consumption of local products. This study examined samples of rural tourism and local food culture has been investigated in Balıkesir will contribute towards the development of rural tourism in the region. For rural tourism that can be created in the area, awareness of food culture and promotion works is very important for rural and gastronomy tourism. However, because some local food formalization has forgotten perhaps has lost its originality or faced extinction. At the end of this study, Balıkesir food culture of proposals has been made with ensuring the sustainability by fixing the value of the region’s food attention into the role of rural tourism.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Local Food and Beverage, Food Culture, Balikesir
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 085-090
Year 2015
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