Title Trigger Of Rural Tourism: Gastronomy Tourism
Authors Mehmet SARIOĞLAN, Gülhan CEViZKAYA
Abstract Nowadays, rural tourism and gastronomy tourism phenomenon considerably being experienced quantitative and qualitative improvements and this development is also expected to continue in the coming period. In fact, gastronomy and rural tourism phenomenon has been triggered with the rise of the level of society to live in urban life and technological developments result in an artificial enviroment of the are contrary to human nature to invade an individual life form. This study, gastronomy tourism phenomenon is assumed to trigger the effect of rural tourism. In this context Balıkesir which is a candidate to be an important representative of rural tourism phenomenon, have been detected level of participation visitors in rural tourism for only eat fish meal the “su çıktı” in facilities in the district Dursunbey. As a result of research, gastronomy tourism have been reached that conclusion is a kind of tourism triggering of rural tourism.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Gastronomy Tourism, Balıkesir
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 091-094
Year 2015
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