Title A Research on National Parks within the Frame of Sustainable Rural Tourism: Case Study of Munzur Valley National Park
Authors Füsun İstanbullu DİNÇER, İbrahim ÇİFÇİ, Ozan ATSIZ
Abstract The purpose of this study was to review the attitude of the relevant organizations towards sustainable tourism development in Munzur Valley National Park, unlike single economic return of the planned 8 HES and 6 dam constructions on Munzur Valley National Park in Turkey. The organizations relevant to study were reached through the internet. A total of 18 organizations were selected based on convenience sampling method. In total, 13 organizations participated to the study. Rest of other 5 organizations refuse to join the survey as they do not have any comprehensive knowledge about the issue. To data collection, an interview paper was obtained from the website named ‘‘http://malabarconsulting.co.uk’’. According to the interview papers socio-cultural, technological, economic, educational, political, legal, ecological, demographic opportunities and threats were analyzed in the scope of STEEPYED analysis regard of natural based sustainable rural tourism. Results indicate that from the viewpoint of the society, sustainable rural tourism more adopted than the constructions of 8 HES and 6 dam projects for the sustainable development of region. It was also found that the phrase ‘’ the public interest’’, stated in Article 14 of the Law on National Parks in Turkey was evaluated as a threat for the national parks of Turkey. Therefore, if a decision is taken for national parks in Turkey, it come to the fore that CED process (Environmental Impact Assessment Process) to be brought into the necessity and the Tourism Ministry participation in the CED process should provide absolutely.
Keywords Munzur Valley National Park, Sustainable Rural Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 111-121
Year 2015
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