Title Effect of Rural Tourism Types Located in Isparta’s Rural Areas on Rural Development
Abstract First part of this work focuses on the importance of rural tourism in different types of alternative tourism forms and as well as the effect of rural tourism on rural development. Second part gives detailed information on variety of tourism to be made in rural areas of Isparta and provides an assessment of tourism potential. In line with our findings, last part of work establishes an inventory of potential tourism types and tourism activities to be located in rural areas of Isparta. We also present some policy recommendations to develop different types of tourism and benefit advantage of such tourism activities. In empirical part of work, we make a literature review and collect the necessary data. In the following stage of the work, we make interviews and gather data in centre and districts of Isparta using the observation and interviewing technique as a qualitative research method. Aim of this section is to get a preview on rural tourism and potential rural tourism types in Isparta.
Keywords Rural Development, Rural Tourism, Isparta Tourism
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 122 - 131
Year 2015
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