Title Impact of Cittaslow Brand on Tourism: A Study on Hospitality Business Managers in Seferihisar
Authors Mustafa DOĞAN, Murat AKSU, Özge ÇELİK, Hilal KAYMAK
Abstract Respectful to historical, cultural and natural heritage, cities which are small but their quality of life are big, constitute the main point of the Cittaslow (Slow City) movement. The presence of a large percentage of the area of natural-cultural environment, these values are very important for tourism. This study has investigated impact of cittaslow brand to the Seferihisar tourism via lodging companies. This study was used interview method with in a qualitative research method. Research in Seferihisar, a total of 80 lodging companies that make up the population of the 41 were interviewed. According to the data obtained from primary sources, Cittaslow brand Seferihisar is determined that the impact on tourism. Promotion and increase in number of the customers as positive; increase of the zoning and construction have been identified as significant negative impacts.
Keywords Cittaslow, Tourism, Lodging Companies, Seferihisar, Turkey.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 006-011
Year 2014
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