Title A Study on The Recycling Practices and The Reasons of The Increase in Domestic Wastes in Turkey
Authors Orhan KUCUK
Abstract Recycling is the re-processing activity in which wastes with different characteristics are regained in the economy. Waste management includes the collecting, transportation, recycling, destroying, or storing of wastes in a managerial approach. Turkey is a country with a high waste potential with its young and increasing population. As a natural result of this, the amount of wastes is increasing day by day. When the economic value is considered, the recycling of wastes, the reasons of the increase in wastes and sharing relevant suggestions on these issues gain much more importance. The aims of this study are; Determining the data on the waste management and recycling activities in Turkey in terms of their economic effects, Determining the reasons that cause the increase in the amount of waste with their importance levels. The study was conducted with these purposes and it was determined that solid wastes contain serious threats for human health, and the recycling of these wastes has important economical dimensions. It has been determined that the amount of the annual waste produced in Turkey is 32.000.000 tons and 3,8-4 million tons/year of this amount is recyclable. It has also been determined that 60 thousand people were employed in this field in 2013. After the questionnaire on the issue, it became clear that the reasons that cause the increase in solid wastes are; the increase in population, the increase in income status of people; and as a last item, “wastefulness”, as it may contribute to the literature as a new term.
Keywords Municipal solid waste, packaging waste, recycling, reverse logistics, wastefulness
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 012-021
Year 2014
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