Title Developing Interactive Ecosystem on Improving Creativity, Innovation, Patenting and Licensing, particularly in Life Sciences
Authors Gamze SART
Abstract In a global world, it is impossible for a technology-based economy to think independently of other variables, underlying relational environment. In the higher education systems, different environments significantly affect the success of the new start-ups in the universities. In this study we try to look at what effects different interactive ecosystems might possibly have on improving creativity, innovation, patenting and licensing by showing different real-life examples from life sciences. Additionally, the paper tries to look at how exactly ethnographic studies affect participants in the process of creating innovative products. All this is given in a close connection with the interactive ecosystem in which the target participants become more active by developing empathy. Thus, by developing a new interactive ecosystem, specifically in the hospitals, participants’ behaviours and attitudes have changed and they have become much more actively engaged in the problems and needs of the health shareholders.
Keywords Higher education, higher education management, interactive ecosystems, new trends in higher education, creativity, innovation patenting and licensing, organizational structure and strategy in higher education, translational research, start-ups for universities.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 022-025
Year 2014
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