Title An Investigation on the Accommodation Facilities in Black Sea Region in Terms of Rural Tourism Opportunities
Authors İsmail KIZILIRMAK, Fazıl KAYA, Leyla ŞİŞİK
Abstract Taking advantage of the natural and cultural potentials it enjoys, the Turkish Eastern Black Sea region started in 2000 inwards to develop, just like the rest of world, nature-based alternative tourism, which led to the emergence of the region as an important tourist destination. With its rivers, green mountains, forests, valleys, rich flora, local traditions and festivals, The region is truly an attractive tourist destination. With the tourism development initiated, plateau tourism and agricultural tourism in the region attracted thousands of local and foreign tourists. As a result of the increasing number of tourists visiting the Eastern Black Sea region and consequently the increasing demand on accommodation facilities, many large and small tourism businesses started to being operated in the region’s cities. This paper found that accommodation businesses and agricultural tourism businesses on the highlands of Ordu, Trabzon and Rize are sufficiently available. The paper also shows that many tourism businesses are providing their services on the highlands of Uzungöl and Ayder to meet the needs of the huge number of tourists coming from the Middle East, yet, it can be said that some of these businesses are not being operated appropriately to the region’s nature and the principles of agricultural tourism.
Keywords Black Sea Region, Rural Tourism, Tourism Establishments
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 026-036
Year 2014
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