Title Assessment of Tomb Visits from the Perspective of Visitors in the Framework of Belief Tourism: Sheikh Kerameddin Tomb Example (Boztekke Village/Giresun
Authors İbrahim SEZER, Bekir ÖZTÜRK
Abstract It is a common tradition in Anatolia that people visits tombs and graves of people whom they appreciate as a result of their religious beliefs. Therefore many people around allover Turkey from all segments of society arranges travels to visit tombs or graves of important saints and personalities whether in close vicinity or distant. These travels can be assessed in the frame of belief tourism and interactions take place between host local people and visitors. In this sense views and perceptions of visitors about local community in such areas are important issues to be examined carefully for development of belief tourism. Reactions whether positive or negative developed by visitors are important for sustainability and continuity of such visits at a desirable level both for local community and visitors. We have selected Boztekke village located in Giresun central town as area of our research and there is tomb of Sheikh Kerameddin as one of mostly reputable spiritual personality of Giresun city and visitors at an increasing rate visit this tomb very often. In our research we have assessed visits made to tomb and visitors and to determine general view of visitors towards local community, tomb and visits and for this objective we have used face-to-face surveys. We have determined as a result of surveys that visitors visit the tomb to pray, to meet their spiritual and material requests and such objective and they are satisfied with these visits and they have a positive perception about responses of local community.
Keywords Belief, Visit, Tourism, and Tomb
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 045-050
Year 2014
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