Title To Determine the Perception of the Local People about the Boutique Products on the Rural Tourism Development: The Model of “Gonen”
Authors Düriye BOZOK, Arzu KILIÇ, Gülhan CEVİZKAYA
Abstract It has been occured some changes in the recreation and travel preferences of people depending on the living conditions which has been developed and changed for recent years. Parallel to the changes in the tourist expectations and the increase in their sensivites for the environment, the concept of sea-sand-sund has been left, the desire of being inside the nature and the wish of knowing the authentic cultures make them push in a new research. These developments have provided the improvement of the rural tourism on the base of the natural sources and together with the rural settlements. The existence of the natural and cultural values that we have show that there is a big potential for the rural tourism in our lots of areas. The desire of the tourist for knowing the local cultures and lives direct them to the rural areas. The preference of the boutique products prepared in the limited numer by using natural materials, particulary belonging to a region or an area, has an important role in the demand of that region. In the study, it has been aimed to introduce the importance of the boutique products in the rural tourism scope and to determine the perceptions of the local people for these products. In this direction, the datas have been obtained by the questionnaire methods. In the theoritizal frame, the boutique products which are products belonging to the region have been taken into consideration by examining in the rural extentation. In the advanced stages of this study it has been included the boutique products of Gonen which is one of the touristic town of Balikesir. Finally it has been given some suggestions to provide some contributions of the boutique products to the rural tourism.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Boutique Product, Gonen, Local People
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 067-075
Year 2014
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