Title Women’s Entrepreneurship in Rural Tourısm: Sample of Edirne
Authors Ebru Z. BOYACIOĞLU
Abstract Tourism concept is a dynamic process. Within the urbanization, tourists profile and demand changes over time as increasing environmental awareness and interest in nature with the concept of sustainable development. Tourism policies of the countries and regions also cities demonstrated, parallel to the changing demands of tourists , which is a multi-faceted approach aimed at the development of rural tourism. Women, with primary situation in rural tourism, support sustainable development by create employment and strengthen entrepreneurship in local/regional values, agricultural products and service and accomodation sector. The main objective of the study is to determine the women's entrepreneurship related to rural tourism in Edirne. In this study, the current state and issues, due diligence and problems of women’s entrepreneurship in rural tourism has been searched. In the study, survey type research and descriptive model of data collection techniques were used and also face to face interviews and observations were used with women entrepreneurs in Edirne. According to the results of survey analysis, especially rural tourism oriented women entrepreneurs contributed local / regional values production in Edirne. In addition, the presence of women entrepreneurship in rural tourism developed women 's socio-economic situation in Edirne.
Keywords Rural Tourism, Women Entrepreneur, Edirne
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 082-090
Year 2014
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