Title Problems of Women Employment in TRC2 Region and Solution Proposals
Authors Bahar BURTAN DOĞAN, Mehmet KAYA
Abstract The participation of women in workforce comes among the foremost factors, which has got a crucial importance that must be benefited in the realization of development in a country or region. In the developing countries, a special importance is attributed to the rates of participation of women in the workforce and it is highlighted that all relevant spheres compromised on the aspect stating that this rate should be increased for ensuring development. Although the rate of womens’ participation in workforce in Turkey increased in the recent years, it is not possible to declare that the rate of increase satisfies the expectations. According to the 2023 National Employment Strategy, it is targeted to increase this rate to 35 %, which is around 30 % as of today. The Memorandum of Increasing Women Employment and Ensuring the Equlity Of Opportunity issued by the Prime Ministry within this context constitutes the road map for the steps which will be taken in the field of enhancing woment employment. The differencies in the socioeconomic indicators among the regions in our country is also valid in terms of the rate of womens’ participation in workforce. In TRC2 Region, which includes Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir, agriculture sector and unpaid family workship is relatively intense and the region also takes place in the low ranks in terms of the participation of women in the workforce. However, the aforementioned disadvantage can be turned into an opportunity by the traditional advantages in the early stages of transforming the agriculture weighted economies to an economic form which industry sector is in the foreground and the realization of the sustainability of these advantages. Within this context, it is envisaged that every kind of attempt, which will serve developing the rate of womens’ participation in the workforce in TRC2 region, will generate a multiplier effect on the development attempt of the region and the proposals which will be set up in accordance with this envisagement constitute the theme of our work.
Keywords Development, Regional Development, WomenEmployment, Unemployment, Poverty.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 091-0106
Year 2014
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