Title Students' Opinions about Teachers' Role Model
Authors Meliha KÖSE, Ebru DEMİR
Abstract When children who haven't become adults yet and also young individuals are learning the meaning of life and are developing their own behaviour or attitudes towards life, the people considered as role models in those youngsters' lives play an important part. As their profession considered, it is an indisputable fact that teachers, described as the corner stones of our education system, can be either a positive role model or a negative role model for their students. We can divide that role modeling into different elements of the society such as family, teachers, neighbourhood, media and so forth. However, one of those role models doesn't eliminate the others. The aim of this study which is about the role of the teacher in education; to learn whether students see their teachers as role models, and if they see their teachers as role models, in what ways they consider them as role models. In addition to the aims mentioned above, another target of this study is to find out the reasons why they don't see their teachers as role models and to know the qualifications of those who are seen as role models of their own students. In this study based on the descriptive research model, a practical poll/survey consisting of two open-ended questions was used as a data collection tool. In the first part of the survey, students' schools, their sexes, and their grades were asked. In this part, the replies given by the students were studied to see whether there were any differences between male and female students' answers on the issue of seeing their teachers as role models. It was expected to get the information about to what extent they took their teachers as role models by asking those open-ended questions taken place in the second part of the survey. We also tried to find out which of their teachers they see as role models and which ones they find distant towards them. As a result of the analysis of the data obtained from the survey, it was determined that majority of the students saw their teachers as their role models, those who didn't see their teachers as their role models had some communication problems with their teachers. This study has firmly asserted the fact that teachers have a major role in education as a role model once more. On the contrary to the fact that they are seen as role models, it is very obvious that some teachers really lack of some essential educational values and effective communication skills. As for the issue of teachers' being a role model for their students, and love and respect between students and their teachers, prospective teachers and also the teachers still practicing their jobs should be informed about those professionally important subjects.
Keywords Teacher, student, role model, learning.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 008-018
Year 2014
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