Title Seasonal Workers, Working Conditions and Problems
Authors Birsen ERSEL
Abstract In this paper, seasonal workers working in the Public Sector in Turkey are considered and investigated. In the introduction section, the general state of the seasonal workers, their working conditions, and how they are identified are described. After mentioning that there was no industrial revolution in Turkey just as in the West, the unemployment problem and how seasonal-temporary workers were proposed and implemented as a solution to this problem are discussed. By explaining seasonal-temporary labor the reasons behind employing seasonal workers are expounded on. “The nature of the work”, “worker’s characteristics”, “economic and financial inadequacies”, “social purposes of employment” cases are explained. The benefits and drawbacks of seasonal-temporary employment both to the employers and workers are also discussed. Then its benefits and drawbacks in terms of the “Economy of Turkey” are emphasized, and the paper is finalized with the Conclusions section.
Keywords Seasonal-Temporary Workers, Unemployment
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 038-044
Year 2014
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